With a view to provide original classical & vernacular sources to the scholars working on Indology, Padmashree Muni Jina Vijaya, the founder Director of the Institute, launched Rajasthan Oriental Series, as the publication of the Institute which are available for reading in the libraries and on sale also at the head quarters and all the branch repositories of the Institute.
Unknown and unpublished source material thus brought to the notice of the scholarly world can be categorized according to the subjects which mainly include Sanskrit Poetry, Hindi Poetry. Vaidic literature, Lexions, Tantric literature, medicine, Prosody, Hymns, Philosophy, Astrology, Astronomy, Ratna Shastra, Grammar, Poetics, Musicology, Hindi literature & regional history. The series also include 58 catalogues of Sanskrit – Prakrit & Hindi manuscripts covering the details of manuscripts amounting to some one lakh. The titles of these publications following the order of subjects can be seen thus – .PDF view