History of miniature paintings in India dates back to cir. 11th century (A.D.) with its beginning under the Pal Rulers of Bengal. The commencing specimen however appear on palm leaves and birch barks, paintings on papers can presumably be assigned to the period in cir. 14th & 15th century A.D. Later centuries witnessed the outcome of different styles of miniature paintings as Rajput, Pahari, Western Indian, Jammu-Kashmir & South Indian. These styles influenced the regional USTAS, specially in Rajasthan and styles of Mewar, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kota-Bundi & Kishangarh gradually appeared on the dias.
The Institution in its possession preserves some internationally applauded worth specimen of national and regional styles, the plates of which can be depicted thus

Pal Style
(Arya Mahavidya)
In gold letters : Circa 15th Century

(Bhagavata : Coronation of Ven)
Painted during the reign of Maharana Jagat Simha of Mewar 
VS 1685–1709

Western Indian
(Kalpa Sutra)
Painted in during the holy reign of Acharya Soma Sunder Suri; depicts SAMAVASARANA OF MAHAVIRA SWAMI V.S. 1485 

(Gita Pancha Ratna)
Script within golden floral borders

South Indian
(Bhagavat Gita)
Lord Krishna preaching Arjuna at the battle-field of Kurukshetra

Regional Styles 

King Videh receive offspring Sita while driving a golden plough along with his consort at Janakpuri 1650 A.D.

Git Govinda
Renouned poet Jaydeva reciting the lyrics of the Gita Govinda 
V.S. 1723

(Dasha Mahavidya)
Tantric – Deities
Bhairavi, Kamala, Tara, Bhuvneshvari, Matangi, Bagula-Mukhi, Dhumavati, Shodashi, Kali & Chhinnamasta Circa 19th

(Sadaivachcha Savalinga Ri Varta)
A Jain love tale in Rajasthani composed in prose and metrical verses: 
VS 1824

Bundi – Kota 
(Madhu Malati)
A Rajasthani love tale of Madhu alias Manohar & Malati. Composed by Chaturbhuj Dasa, V.S. 1833

(Nagari Das)
Sage Shukdev preaching King Parikshit and the assemblage

(Dhanna Shalibhadra Katha)
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