Picture Gallery

Miniature paintings of immense value pertaining to the century-old styles viz Pal, Western Indian, Rajput, Jammu-Kashmir, South Indian and regional cults; unpublished and rare manuscripts, excellent specimen of calligraphy, various kinds of manuscripts viz scroll, Gandika, Samput Phalak, Bound and the style of writing texts and commentaries as 'Dvipatha', 'Tripatha' & 'Panch Patha' remained unnoticed for the common people for years together. This long felt need is now materialized with the completion of an separate Art Gallery in the premises at the headquarters. Among the world-wide specimen, visitors can now admire the Arya Mahavidya of Pal School, Arsha Ramayana & Git Govind of Mewar style, Bhagvat Gita of Jammu Kashmir style, South Indian Gita of Tanjavur style, Kalpa Sutra of Western Indian School dated V.S. 1485, century-wise development of Nagri Script with illustrations of Sharada, Bangala, Gurumukhi & Persian, schools of Jain epistles & Horoscopes, historically important abridged text of Prithvi Raj Raso copied at Dharnoj (Gujarat) in early seventies and finally the mystical diagrams generally used in tantric worships believed to fulfil the desires of the aspirants.