To conduct exhaustive survey of the manuscripts in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Aprabhamsha, Rajasthani and also in other languages particularly of those manuscripts which are considered representing the cultural inheritance of the Nation.

Collection and preservation of manuscripts by way of applying modern scientific methods.

To edit and publish the unknown and important manuscripts with the help of scholars and eminent academicians also including Institution's experts specialized in different disciplines of Indology.

To establish the Reference library in the Institute and enrich it by way of donation and purchase of the printed books of reference value published in Sanskrit and other languages of India and abroad.

To provide source-material in the form of manuscripts, books and journals to the scholars, assisting them in their studies and further researches.

To collect and publish folk and devotional literature mostly preserved in oral traditions reflecting life and society of the common men of the region, mostly residing in the rural areas, yet devoting their lives to the preservation of the values of century-long concepts of Indian wisdom.