Excerpts from visitor's books

Excerpts From Visitor's Book


It is a matter of great pleasure that VVIP and a number of VIPs, dignitaries, scholars, administrative executives, orientalists, litterateurs and artists from India and abroad have often been visiting this Institute of international repute. They have endorsed their feelings and expressions about it, which are available in the Visitors Register.It is difficult to quote their views of all of them however the remarks of a very few personalities are quoted as follows :

(1) His Excellency the then President of India Shri Gyani Zail Singh has been kind enough to visit this Institute on 20th April, 1986 and endorsed his views and suggestions an extract of which is given below : "I feel great pleasure to inspect Arabic and Persian Research Institute Rajasthan, Tonk. It is a place of national integration and composite culture. The Government of Rajasthan should feel pride for it. Two years ago I had inspected "Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library, Patna." At that time I felt that there is no one in parallel to it but after inspection of this Institute I came to the conclusion that it would have been a mistake if I have not been visited this Institute and very important treasure of oriental studies. At this occasion I suggest that the rare manuscripts should be translated into Urdu and Hindi so that persons may be benefitted."

(2) His Excellency the then Vice President of India Shri Mohammad Hidayatullah while visiting this Institute on 29th of December, 1982 has expressed his views as follows : "I was not only delighted but also amazed at the sight of manuscripts of untold wealth and antiquity, so well preserved here. I hope that scholars will take full advantage of this collection and bring them before the world.The Director and his team have my congratulations and good wish."

(3) His Excellency the then Governor of Rajasthan Shri O.P. Mehra visited this Institute on 29th of December, 1982 and has given his impressions in the following words :
"It is privilege nay good fortune to visit an institution of this calibre. The manuscripts available at the premises are not only good source material for scholars and researchers but a heritage which not only Rajasthan and India can feel proud but is in many ways unique.
I do hope efforts will continue to be made to decipher the knowledge that is contained in these manuscripts, to preserve the originals and disseminate the information internationally.
I wish those working here and those who would have the good fortune to do so in future would do so with a missionary zeal."

(4) His Excellency the then Governor of Rajasthan Shri Bali Ram Bhagat while inaugurating an All India Seminar on 30th March, 1996 in Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Arabic and Persian Research Institute Rajasthan, Tonk had expressed his views in the following words: - "Tonk is a centre of education and literature. Great scholars were born here. I offer my tribute to all the Nawwabs of Tonk estate in general but particularly to Nawwab Muhammad Ali Khan as by whose invaluable collection of rare manuscripts the name of Tonk is being known at international level today."

(5) Hon'ble Shri Shiv Charan Mathur, the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan, visited this Institute on 22nd of March, 1984 and endorsed his views as follows:
"Having visited Arabic, Persian Research Institute after a great longing I can in brief say that this treasure belongs to humanity and its preservation is not only the sacred duty of the Government of time but of all those who are to inherit this invaluable treasure.

(6) Hon'ble N.L. Tibrewal, Ex-Chief Justice, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur while visiting this Institute on 24-3-99 has appended his feelings in the following words:

I wish the Institute all success in great task ahead. "I had a long desire to visit this Institute. I had heard that the Institute contains a good collection of rare manuscripts and documents. After visiting it I found much more than I had imagined. A collection of more than 19,000 manuscripts and documents and that too of rare nature is not an easy work. Without dedication and commitment it is not possible. I was further delighted to see that the Institute is properly managed by competent persons. The Director of the Institute is a dedicated person. I wish great success of this great Institute to serve the countrymen."

(7) Madam Barbara D. Metcalf, Professor of South Asian History, University of California, Davis, CA 95616 USA has visited this Institute on 10th of August, 1990 and given her views as given below :

"It is a great pleasure to see this famous institute and to learn about its excellent role in preserving the heritage of oriental studies in India. We especially enjoyed the exhibit of calligraphy. I am deeply grateful to the staff for their skilled and generous help in showing me their Urdu printed holdings of Safarnama yi Hajj, my current interest. The library is cleanly, beautifully maintained and the elegant building is a pleasure to see."