2 Year post diploma course


1.        Age 19 to 26 years.

2.        Higher secondary or equivalent examination passed.

3.        Diploma honours from the centre.

Note: Excessive talented students will be given exemptions in age and in educational qualifications.

The objectives of training:

The objective of this course is to enable the student with the ability to give performance at practical commercial levels and the student should have the qualification as an individual dancer and proficient teacher at the end of this course.


Classes will be held for 6 days - 7 places in total and the centre will have the right to increase or decrease it.80% attendance will be compulsory.( exemption of 10% of attendance can be given by the medical or by the permission of the secretary) . The student will be declared ineligible to sit in the exam in case of lesser attendance than this. The training of yoga will be compulsory for the student.


The centre has made its course for 4 to 9 years.

The training of initial course (for school students)and of high level training (for the college and post graduate students) has been organised for the students so that the students are able to continue their dance practice along with their education.The institution is dedicated to the cause that the students should be given such a training from the very beginning that they become established as good artists and that they continually get opportunities to move forward.