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Works done so far:

  • Large Scale Conservation work
  • Conservation and restoration of almost all parts of Amber Palace like Jaleb Chowk, Diwan-E-Aam, Diwan-E-Khas, Hammams, Frescoes in Bhojanshala, Mansingh Mahal, Ganeshpol, Singhpole, Rangmahal, Sheesh Mahal, and the tunnel connecting Amber to Jaigarh Fort.
  • Conservation and Restoration of structures outside the fort e.g. Rambagh, Kesar Kyari, Dil-a-Ram Bagh, temples and baoris within the buffer zone area.
  • Development of Tourist Facilities
  • Providing tourist facilities like Light and Sound Show, Music System, Digital Audio Guides, illumination in Jaleb Chowk, Diwan-e-Aam, and Mansingh Mahal, Garbage bins, signages, CCTV and Public Address System work, VIP lounge. Repair of Approach Road to kesar kyari.
  •  Promotion of Amber as a “Living” Monument.
  • Creative Illumination of the Fort Complex and opening it for night time viewing
  • Regular Maintenance & Upkeep including security.
  • Getting Amber Fort along with five other important forts of Rajasthan Listed in the World

Heritage List of UNESCO