Puppet Show

India has a tradition of about 2000 years in puppetry and the style that the Centre presents is the oldest and the most developed one. Legend says that the puppets come from a celestial body to entertain the human audience, and have a whistle-like vocabulary, which is interpreted in human language. The puppets are abnormally stylized, symbolic, and colourful. The first Indian puppet play "Sinhasan Battisi" was produced in this style (popularly known at present, as the "Rajasthan style"). T his form of puppetry has been in existence since the time of Emperor Vikramaditya and the puppeteers claim their heritage from the entertainers of his time. The puppets are divided into four categories. They are: String, Glove, Stick and Shadow puppets. The institute is known for its most outstanding puppet production and experiments. 


RAMAYAN: A very lavish puppet play with about 108 puppets depicting the story of great Indian epie RAMAYAN. 


SANGTHAN MAIN BAL: It is a play based on an Indian folk tale. It depicts the tragic story of a sparrow whose babes were trodden by a mischievous elephant. Taking pity on the ill-fated youngsters of the sparrow the frog, the bee, the carpenter bird designed a plan by which the elephant was amply punished for his misdeeds. 


MUGHUL DARBAR: It is a play depicting the pomp and show of a Mughul Court. The acrobats, dancers and musicians perform for the Mughul Emperor in their most elegant style. This play won the LUCIA CALOMERI Prize for the best traditional puppet show in the III International Festival for Puppets held in BUCHAREST. 


THE CIRCUS: It depicts scenes, in purely modern technique, from a modern circus. A very complicated spectacle of thrills and high technical skill. 

TABLE, SARANGI AUR NARTAKI: A sarangi is a typically Indian string instrument while the tabla is a percussion instrument. The best part is that all three artists the tabla player the sarangi player and the dancer are wooden puppets imitating a real life situation. This is one of the most popular items of the Institute.