Folk Dance Repertory

The repertory, an ensemble of professional folk dancers, performs every evening at the studio-theatre of the Institute. It also tours all over the country and has represented it in many prestigious international festivals abroad. Dances like dandia, garba, bhavai, terahtal etc are part of its repertoire. 



BHAVAI: This can be explained best as a balancing dance where the dancer manages a number of pots set upon a tumbler over his head. Dance lies in the equilibrium maintained by the dance r during the performance. "Bhavai" is danced by the various tribes living on the borders of Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

TERATAAL: This dance is particular to the women of the Kamad tribe. They tie thirteen small bells on their feet and hands and dance in the praise of their god, Baba Ramdev. This dance can go on through out the night. 

KALBELIYA: The Kalbeliya tribes of Rajasthan are snake charmers. This dance reflects the graceful, fluid movements of a snake. 

SASARIYA: In Rajasthan, marriages take place at a very young age. The bridegroom comes to take the bride away and finds her reluctant to leave her parents. to go to his home. Finally, she has to comply with the wishes of her groom after a tearful farewell from her people. It is a dance that depicts this situation, with elements of comicality. 

GHOOMRA: This dance is part of the tribal culture of the Mewar region of Rajasthan. It is called Ghoomra because both men and women participate equally in this dance. However, a dance performed solelv by women is known as "Ghoomar"

TIPPANI-DANDIARAAS: It is a group dance by the women of Saurashtra. The dancers use two decorative sticks known as the tippani to keep to the beat of the music. 

DANG LILA: Rajasthan is colourful region where "melas" are organized on every festive occasion. Men and women dance using sticks which are larger than the tippani. This too, is a group dance. 

GORBANDH: In the deserts of Rajasthan, the women make a particular kind of ornament that is used in decorating camels. This dance is based on the making of this ornament.

Folk Dance  Repertory Folk Dance  Repertory